Five Hours

Five hours of chemotherapy is a long time to go, but there are ways to accompany the slow passing of the hours. I have succeeded in alternating actions that have lightened my path. I had Toni Morrison’s book, The Song of Solomon, which in addition to drawing me into the beauty of the word and the wit of the narrative, also projected me into my … Continua a leggere Five Hours

Because Writing Is Testifying

Writing is for me a pair of wings that guide me towards the immense, no matter the physical condition, what matters is intellectual honesty, respect for others and for life, freedom of thought. La scrittura è per me un paio di ali che mi guida verso l’immenso, non importa la condizione fisica, ciò che conta è l’onestà intelletuale, il rispetto dell’altro e della vita, la … Continua a leggere Because Writing Is Testifying