Who Is She?

I ask myself with more and more lucidity, who is the woman who among the unshed tears that burn her soul, continues to pull straight, with a smile, with the light in her eyes despite her hollow and pale face?Who is that woman who jokes around her now bald head, even managing to recognize herself as if it were nothing more than one of the … Continua a leggere Who Is She?

A Wise Man

Sergio Mattarella re-elected for the second time as President.I’m happy with it, we need a man of high moral standing, cultured, intelligent, excellent mediator and leader.I’m sorry, too, because his re-election is the sign of something that has become increasingly evident over the years: the fall of the political sense of many parliamentarians.As I always say, “I grew up on bread and Gramsci”, to say … Continua a leggere A Wise Man

What in a Name?

Everything needs a name to become less hostile.Thus, a pacemaker becomes “Freddie”, so that its rhythm can find a little bit the strong and also trasgressive one of Mercury; the PICC becomes “indolor” (painless), partly to mimic an old health product, partly to play down its useful presence; cancer becomes “little monster”, to soften awareness and diminish its power.Everything takes the name of hope, expectation, … Continua a leggere What in a Name?