The Music

My favorite music at full volume to pass through this veil of sordid unconsciousness that still refuses to accept reality … the pain, the blood not really yours, the mutilations of a body that quivers and groans. Music as a loving embrace that heals from silence and reveals the fragile nerve of your humanity. Music as a voice that screams in your place and reconfirms … Continua a leggere The Music


Round trip along a path made of sudden steps and changes along which you choose to be fully yourself, for better or for worse, with good and with evil.In reality, in any direction you go, what remains of your movement is change, what you find in front of you is new, but new is also what you face when you return, because you are new, … Continua a leggere Roundtrip

What Matters Most?

You wonder, then, what matters most. Honesty, you answer without hesitation. Honesty as the natural habitat of your being, for better or for worse, since there is no worse offense than lying and worse enemy than falsehood. Ti chiedi, allora, che cosa conti di più. L’onestà, rispondi senza esitazione. Onestà come habitat naturale del tuo essere, nel bene e nel male, poiché non c’è offesa … Continua a leggere What Matters Most?