Writing is a Responsibility

Yet, writing is not about indulging the reader’s taste in order to take advantage of it and leave him a prisoner of his own certainties (when it goes well), of his disinterest (when it goes wrong). Writing is shaking, bearing witness to reality, also upsetting, but never flattening. Writing is not a kind of complacency in which to find oneself “sold” and therefore important, writing … Continua a leggere Writing is a Responsibility


I have never loved the indifferent and their presumption of action only in convenience for itself, now they seem even more useless to me.They are people who have crossed over into the void of existence which they do not know how to give shape to except in the meaningless screams of their presumption that is based on the abyss of nothingness.I tell them, do not … Continua a leggere Awareness