Beyond Your Pain

Beyond your pain, there is the pain of the other.It is a suffering that you can see, touch, even smell, that you can try to soothe with your smile, but that you cannot erase with your strength, because that is precisely the dark pain that absorbs them and that grips their heart: the emptiness of you. Oltre il tuo dolore, c’è il dolore dell’altro.È una … Continua a leggere Beyond Your Pain

Dream or Reality?

Who knows if it was a dream or reality!Tonight I dreamed or saw a woman, which was me, who, in turn, was watching me.Who was dreaming? Who was awake?Perhaps none, perhaps both or perhaps, simply, the inside and outside of me manifested themselves simultaneously and I could observe and listen to their dense and subdued dialogue.I knew I was awake as I watched that woman … Continua a leggere Dream or Reality?