Simply Life

Do you know what is beautiful in seeing all your books lined up one after the other (the newborn “Giulia” is still missing)? The life that goes through them. Sapete che cosa c’è di bello nel vedere tutti i propri libri schierati uno dietro l’altro (manca ancora il neonato “Giulia”)? La vita che li attraversa. Continua a leggere Simply Life


When a new book is published, a thousand questions always arise: how to advertise it? How to talk about it? What to say and what not to say? Who really listens? Who cares about the life you are narrating? These are just some of the questions, and the most obvious ones, then there are the profound ones that must remain such waiting for someone to … Continua a leggere “Giulia”

Respect Words

Respect words, words are bonds, they are bridges that weaken and collapse under the weight of that hunger and thirst for power that satisfies only personal greed, under the load of those false needs that flaunt self-power and mockery towards those who know necessity and need what it is. Words, however, are also hooks that fish among the rights betrayed the honest voices of those … Continua a leggere Respect Words