Writing is studying, researching, underlining, thinking, making one’s own, evolving, identifying, innovating without any action overshadowing the other, since all in the shadows take shape and structure the voice. Scrivere è studiare, ricercare, sottolineare, pensare, fare proprio, evolvere, immedesimarsi, innovare senza che nessuna azione faccia ombra all’altra, poiché tutte nell’ombra prendono forma e strutturano la voce. Continua a leggere Shadows


We should learn to think “mutually”, since the life of one is not distant from that of the other, not privileged, not primary, no longer important, but on an equal footing, as people walking their own route alongside other people without wanting precede, overcome, outclass them.Mutually alive, attentive, the one support and support of the other, the one sower and reaper in the field of … Continua a leggere Reciprocity