Don’t we know, perhaps, that what happens to us is the fruit of our pain? There are bodies that do not scream for a lifetime and then, suddenly, all that remains is the lament. They are bodies that suffer, but their thoughts are free and they manage to caress the smile of the moon while they give their tears to the stars. Non sappiamo, forse, che quello … Continua a leggere Bodies

“Filosofia del dilemma” più di una filosofia per la vita

I often go back to books that I have already read and loved and that have marked a path in my personal maturation, they are books that remain as travel companions to which to return, just like in a journey, with my own new difference because you can go back but never being the same, yet it is the experience that makes us more authentic … Continua a leggere “Filosofia del dilemma” più di una filosofia per la vita