Edgar Morin: I miei filosofi

Talvolta, rileggere i libri che già abbiamo letto, quelli che amiamo, ma anche quelli che amiamo meno, porta a rileggere se stessi, a guardarsi con sguardo nuovo e, infine, ad accorgersi che non solo si cresce, ma che c’è ancora tanto da imparare a conoscere. Questa condizione è, per me, beatitudine. Tale l’emozione provata rileggendo “I miei filosofi” (Erickson, 2012) di Edgar Morin. Edgar Morin, … Continua a leggere Edgar Morin: I miei filosofi


It is called “enchantment”, it is the ability to get excited and amazed to tears by the beauty and its hidden sigh that becomes yours, which deceives you to tell to you alone the mysterious story of the life that dwells in this enchantment. While I listen to the mysterious whisper that is revealed, the stronger is the love that is renewed, the good that … Continua a leggere Enchantment

The Bread of Life

Young people are the “bread” of life. Yes, I was not wrong, they are really the bread of life, that fragrant and fragrant bread that satisfies and nourishes beyond all despair. A bread sometimes with an imperfect shape, charred or still a little raw, but a bread whose mere presence one can simply enjoy. A bread made with different flours, more or less tasty according to taste, but … Continua a leggere The Bread of Life

What a Gift!

Give patience with full hands, sincere, profound, which does not set limits between oneself and the other, but makes both a gift of acceptance.  Give the patience to wait for those who move with a limp or even those who, more refractory, seem not to even want to leave.  Give patience that gives reasons, that does not waste the groaning life in the instant and … Continua a leggere What a Gift!

Useless Fragments

Yet, I remain convinced that certain attitudes of disillusionment are nothing but frauds that many people perpetrate against themselves, they are disrespect towards life in general, their own and that of the other. What causes it? Perhaps the persistent malaise of which one accuses what is outside without ever thinking that one’s own complacency could be one of the causes. I think, sometimes, that many … Continua a leggere Useless Fragments