Hate Is Inside

I had promised myself not to write about Silvia Romano, because the joy of her return is the most important thing of all and none of my words could add anything to this certainty. And yet, now I write about it, but not for Silvia, as for all those who in the presumption of their ignorance are already transforming joy into hatred, acceptance into bullying, … Continua a leggere Hate Is Inside

Andrea Morra: “Il contrario di Lockdown” – documentario

The very interesting documentary by Andrea Morra on the emotional impact that the coronavirus has had on our lives is truly worthy of being watched and shared. I believe everyone can find something of themselves. One more reason to give rise to a better present, less distracted and more respectful of life and others. Look at it and share it. L’interessantissimo documentario di Andrea Morra … Continua a leggere Andrea Morra: “Il contrario di Lockdown” – documentario