Riccardo Mazzeo: Esistenze Rammendate

Il rammendo è, per me, arte antica e nobile. Indica la capacità non solo di preservare nel tempo, ma di rinnovare e rinforzare i punti deboli di un tessuto che sviluppa in sé la magia della memoria, di quello, cioè, che era prima che si trasforma in ciò che diventa e si definisce grazie alla sensibilità acuta e attenta del rammendatore. Il rammendo, quindi, non … Continua a leggere Riccardo Mazzeo: Esistenze Rammendate

The Sea We Don’t Want To Sail

Since centuries, the sea has always represented the opening to new horizons, to a new life made up of meetings, culture, conflicts to face and resolve; it has always been close to our imaginary with its perils, pirates, mysterious creatures, storms and sea tempests, waves and whales, shipwrecks and shipwrecked. Sea has always been the opportunity we did not know, the one whose desire for … Continua a leggere The Sea We Don’t Want To Sail

The Detachment We Look at the World

The way we look at events as they did not belong to us is somewhat disappointing and even more frightful than the awareness of their occurring anyway. The first question we ask ourselves when something serious is happening is «Does this concern us?», unfortunately the second is «How can I manage to distance myself?».  As a matter of fact, we are successfully able to take the distance, … Continua a leggere The Detachment We Look at the World

Do We Really Long For Peace?

How can there be peace if peace don’t we build? Peace is not the absence of conflicts, but the habit to afford the conflicts to resolve them without anyone should die for this. Life is a precious gift. Too precious to be abandoned in the hands of these criminals who use people and their sufferings to increase their power. I listen to people who should govern the nations, … Continua a leggere Do We Really Long For Peace?