History will teach us nothing if we don’t want to learn.

More and more often I ask myself if human beings are really so smart and clever as they pretend to be or if they act and react always in the same way as prisoners in a cage where the guinea pigs run on their wheel. Almost every day in the world there are memorial days to remember something in the past which happened against the human … Continua a leggere History will teach us nothing if we don’t want to learn.

The “-ism” we should fear

It’s well known that every word ending in -ism is an exaggeration of its main concept, something which if goes beyond the limits and every control changes in the worst. An example could be philanthropy vs philanthropism, authority vs authoritarianism, nation vs nationalism. There are many more example to be cited, but I suppose that these three can give a key to what I’m saying. While philanthropy, authority, nation  are in … Continua a leggere The “-ism” we should fear

Rights and duties

…I answer… I thank my gentle reader for his discussing with me the idea of rights and duties. He writes “In your books and writings I can perceive a strong feeling of integrity. Gentleness is never separated from severity and rights never are from duties”.  Really, I don’t know how much I have succeeded to embody the integrity I long for, I hope to be on … Continua a leggere Rights and duties

Defeating superficiality

What is there under the surface? Because, you know, under every stone there is a ground and under the ground a river or a cave or fire or whatever something. Human beings have forgotten, indeed, that there is something else beyond what they want to exhibit. It is probably because they feel to be superior because of their  vertical and mobile condition respect to ground. … Continua a leggere Defeating superficiality

The taste of limitations

We’ve got used to consider limitations as something negative which deprives us of our freedom. I think it is not always right. Of course, a limitation which prevents you from acting according to your conscience -that is according to a vision which does not answer only to your egoism and personal interest-  has to be opposed because it is not a limitation but an imposition … Continua a leggere The taste of limitations