Novels or essays? Life, simply life.

…I answer… A very gentle reader of mine has asked me today a very important question about my writings “How is it possible to write <<essays>> and <<novels>> and being equally deep and  careful to people’s needs”. Well, first and really important is to thank you for your words and your question because the appreciation it contains moreover the other utterances in your mail, give me … Continua a leggere Novels or essays? Life, simply life.

Don’t miss the occasion to teach

We shouldn’t teach to assault and defend, but to love. We should take care because no other lives’ possession nor their control could determine our own freedom and value as a person, because human beings’ actions are not measured in control and command but in the ability to be respectful and responsible. We should teach a lesson in the life which could remain forever at … Continua a leggere Don’t miss the occasion to teach


I met Marisa among the sobs one her phone call. I remember that time as it were now. I had in my hands a porcelain egg which I was hanging it to the archway that divides my living-room from the hall in order to prepare my house for Easter. I was on a small red stepladder with my hand raised to the nail… The phone … Continua a leggere Marisa

Self-exibihition and emulation

Youth are usually affected by two great business during their growth: self-exhibition and emulation. What happens when these two same affairs affect adults too? What happens, then, when these two aspects, which are becoming more and more a problem though we pretend not to see, are also the boaster disease of those who are responsible of powers or of leading roles? I suppose it could be … Continua a leggere Self-exibihition and emulation

Maria Teresa

I met Maria Teresa and she scared me. She is young and beautiful as many others… too many bruises on her arms and on the face though hidden by her long blond hair. She scared me because of the awareness she had of those bruises however she had chosen to accept them because, she says, <<he needs me, he has lived a very difficult life>>. … Continua a leggere Maria Teresa

“L’ora di lezione”: education as resource

In a time of forgotten values and meanings Massimo Recalcati’s book ‘L’ora di lezione’ is more than a simple theoretical invitation to think about school, it is the practical explanation of the fundamental role school and education have in the life of youth. The book describes the real possibilities a school that works can create for adolescents and it underlines the role of the teachers … Continua a leggere “L’ora di lezione”: education as resource