Me-logo and sense

Me-logos increase their presence whenever something important happens. It doesn’t matter if the event is dramatic or not, it doesn’t matter if the person involved is right or wrong, it doesn’t matter if respect is the only attitude required. What becomes essential is to show we were there, to demonstrate we knew that famous person, to declare our presence. It is for this reason that … Continua a leggere Me-logo and sense

Genoa bridge collapses

(The pictures of the accident are from Repubblica on line 08/15/2018) The emptiness to define the distance between the before and the after. One instant to determine the end. The van, stopped at the end of the road, has been saved, for chance, the driver has another opportunity to live, he will never forget the minute when death has refused him, for chance. What he will … Continua a leggere Genoa bridge collapses

Time of courage and truth

We need courage to live our life without wasting it. The time for conscience is always a  present tense, but today more than ever. If it is a reality that socials create imagines, let them be the positive ones, at least. Let’s create an imagine against the evil, let’s rebel and opposite to cloaking the truth and to the construction of false enemies. We shouldn’t be … Continua a leggere Time of courage and truth

The vice of justification

People get easily used to create false images of their life. They create them for the others, because they don’t want to be considered different, as difference were a mortal disease; they create them for themselves because they don’t want to be who they are. Both the kind of people forget to live truly and degenerate in a great confusion which does not tell them … Continua a leggere The vice of justification

‘Purple Hibiscus’, the time to choose

This is a novel of formation which does not refer only to the growth-history of the young protagonists, but, evidently, to the formation of a new society after the disastrous impact with westernization. This is the reason why, I suppose, the Purple Hibiscus becomes the title and the symbol of this novel. Purple Hibiscus is born from the contamination of different flowers of hibiscus, not … Continua a leggere ‘Purple Hibiscus’, the time to choose