Nostalgia and absence

As ghosts in the night, thoughts and nostalgias moves around. Someone or something which is missing and lacking you reveal your feelings, but they are not the same. Nostalgia move you back to something you had and you miss, probably the sweetness of a love or the teddy-bear you grasped in despair. The absence inspires something or someone whose void will never be fulfilled by the … Continua a leggere Nostalgia and absence

Maria’s story

I met “Maria” and she met me. I trusted “Maria” and she trusted me. I hugged “Maria” and she hugged me. I narrated “Maria” and she narrated to me.  “Maria” died without reading of herself. I’m staying here with “Maria” and her voice lives and continues in me. You should choose to read her story and be a part of this embrace crossing time and space. … Continua a leggere Maria’s story

Culture is confrontation

To confront, welcome, give wealth to the sense of our speeches with coherence and dignity is a form of culture, the highest perhaps, because it sets freedom free while freely living. The attempt to flatten the differences, to make the other or the enemy or equal to us, is nothing but the violent and oppressive response of values and principles that cannot be understood. No … Continua a leggere Culture is confrontation