A Story Long And Never-ending

I just want to tell you a story, the story of Aslan (A Story Long And Never-ending)… I don’t want to tell you about Aslan of C. S. Lewis in The Chronicle of Narnia, but of a dog which took the same name because of the nobility of its behavior and the feeling of peace it could set to the others both when they where happy or sad.

This Aslan is my Aslan… a She-dog with a male name, a She-dog whose role in my life is the role of the dearest friend.

Aslan likes music and she always listens to Sting with me when I write my books or Tracy Chapman when I study or, finally, Carrie Newcomer when I read for my pleasure. Her favorite is Sting, and it is thanks to his warm voice that she and I relax in our discomfort.

Aslan is a quiet and sweet She-dog, I call her <<little Sis>> because she is the one who accompanies me during my days whether I rest or work. She follows me wherever I go and waits for my return impatiently.

When I was sick and subjected to heart surgery, she waited for me and listened to my voice by telephone and cried. When I returned home she welcomed me and protected as only a true sister can do.Aslan

Aslan can listen and understand me whatever I say. From the expression of her face I can read my own expression and sometime I smile while others I cry.

Aslan is a very good friend.  When she is sick I am next to her and help her as better as I can…IMG_1789

Sometimes it is never enough… She has left me yesterday… The emptiness I feel will never be fulfilled.

I can still perceive and  caress on my hand the wet heat of her last breath. Just like Aslan, king of Narnia Chronicles, even if you have left me,  you are the Queen, and so you will remain, of your kingdom and mine. Good bye, little Sis, our circle will never be broken.






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