“Culture and cultures”, closer than we realize.

My last book. An essay which represents also the human and cultural development of my story, a voice to be listened to and thought in our times with the desire to share and confront. Il mio nuovo libro. Un saggio che è anche la storia della mia maturazione umana e culturale, una voce che va ascoltata e pensata in tempi moderni con il desiderio di … Continua a leggere “Culture and cultures”, closer than we realize.

Credibility, reliability, trustworthiness

Credibility, reliability, trustworthiness… which are three meanings but one… which are values and principle… which are promises and commitment… which are signs and symbols… which are often dismissed and abandoned. Everything is contained in these three words, everything else can also be excluded if we find the courage to live under these statements by heart and not by speaking. These words, which are engagement and … Continua a leggere Credibility, reliability, trustworthiness