Adults and adolescents: a relationship to be built.

I usually pay a particular attention to adolescents and it is not only because I am a professor, but because building a positive relationship among adults and new generations is a way to protect the future while discovering its new possibilities. Three of my books were dedicated to this subject: Giochiamo che ero. Conversazione con chi ama la scuola (2009 Armando editore), Genitori senza controllo (2010 … Continua a leggere Adults and adolescents: a relationship to be built.

The courage to choose

To choose is never simple, it is never an action of body or of mind or of heart individually, but it is the result of the coaction of the three. Nonetheless, to choose is the only opportunity for a human being to act his/her life adding a meaning to his/her story. What should we look after when making a choice? Pleasure, interest, appearance, change, sharing, … Continua a leggere The courage to choose